While you might be using Google Maps and a GPS, you should know that there are many amazing apps out there that can do a lot more than show you how to get from point A to point B. Let’s explore some of the best driving apps you should download this fall.

  1. Find My Car Smarter Pro
Find My Car Smarter Pro

Everyone enjoys visiting a new city, going to the mall or participating in festivals and events. Everyone except drivers, that is. Fear not, thanks to the Find My Car Smarter Pro, you don’t have to worry about taking your vehicle with you wherever you go. Using your iPhone’s GPS, the app will eliminate the need of wandering for hours in huge parking lots just to find your car. Besides pointing you in the right direction, the app also shows you map/satellite images of the car and tells you how far you are from your automobile.

  1. DriveScribe

With the raise of the smartphones, the idiom “Don’t drink and drive” has suffered a slight modification, namely “Don’t text and drive”. While it’s actually pretty hard to resist this temptation, the truth is that you can take control over the situation and install DriveScribe. This ingenious app puts your iPhone in a no-texting mode when you want to take your car for spin. Frankly, it could be quite handy for concerned parents who are trying to teach their teens the safe driving practices.

  1. GasBuddy
GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas Prices

Even though GasBuddy is a social network, the good news is that it doesn’t rely on users in your area to report the lowest gas prices around. The mechanism behind the app is quite simple: once you find a gas station with amazing prices, you enter its location and prices into the app. In addition to gas stations’ incredible deals, the app also shows you how to get there.  Moreover, as users point out, GasBuddy helps you identity the gas stations with the best prices in the US and Canada, so you could consider planning your next trip around those areas.

  1. Trapster
Trapster - Speed Traps & Road Hazards, Real Time Traffic, Driving app

In the event that it’s illegal to carry radar detectors in your state but you would like to have a heads-up of the common speed traps, then it’s time to learn about Trapster. The app scans the area and immediately informs you about known speed traps, police hangouts, stoplight cameras and speed cameras, so you can slow down and avoid a hefty fine.

  1. TripAlyizer

If your vehicle doesn’t incorporate an onboard data center, then rest assured you can still keep track of all important car-related measurements, thanks to TripAlyizer. The idea behind the app is to help drivers get from point A to point B as fast and with as little resources as possible. While you do have to spend some time to set it up at first – introduce all vehicle data – TripAlyizer will analyze your driving habits in order to calculate how you can consume fuel more efficiently. If you strongly believe in doing your part for the environment, then you will be completely satisfied with this app.

  1. Parker
Parker – Find open, available parking spots in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Indianapolis, San Francisco, and more; see prices and hours for 24,000 garages and lots; one touch turn-by-turn voice navigation

Irrespective of how skilled or experienced of a driver you are, you simply can’t avoid the issue of finding a parking space. Parker is quite an amazing app that could lend you a hand here: the app is designed to provide a rooftop view of the surrounding area and lets you look for a parking space in all major American metropolises, including San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Boston and Los Angeles. Furthermore, you can even pay for the parking fee via the app (only applicable in certain areas).

  1. Craftsman Garage Door
Craftsman Garage Door

The problem with remote garage door openers is that you need to be rather close in order for the mechanism to work. Craftsman Garage Door is here to change all that, as it allows you to open or close your garage door from wherever you have reception on your iPhone. The app also detects whether you left your garage door open and hence, all items stored in there defenseless against thieves. At the same time, it could come in handy if one of your loved ones forgets the keys and wants to get inside the house. On a side note, the app itself is free, but it won’t work unless you install a Connected DC Chain in the garage door.

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