It happens all the time: you finally find a game both you and your friends would like to play and later on realize you can’t because you own an iPhone, while he has an Android device. Luckily, there are some pretty neat game apps available to solve this rather frustrating issue. And because the winter is upon us, let’s kill some time with these apps!

  1. Muffin Knight
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If you’re taking a break but you have no internet connection, then Muffin Knight is an excellent game to pass the time and relax. While initially the game seems rather dull – you have to collect muffins meanwhile avoiding various elements – things get interesting pretty soon, especially since there’s always a chance that the leading player dies first.

  1. Greed Corp
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Greed Corp is a turn based strategy game that tests your methodology of using land to your advantage. Things are not as simple as they seem, since you need to farm the land to get coins and purchase weapons to defend your land. Each time you acquire a hexagon, the piece of land become more unstable and will eventually collapse. You can test your tactician skills against up to four of your friends and the keys to success consist of exploiting your resources carefully and using the remaining land in the detriment of your opponents.

  1. Age of Zombies
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Age of Zombies is a quite an amazing game, guaranteed to provide tons of fun as you fight against zombie T-Rexes or use your minigun to mow down hoards of undead. The only problem with this game is that it’s too short… just like this review on it!

  1. Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles
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An innovation in the field of cross-platform role playing games, Star Legends is the closest things you can get to a desktop MMORPG. And yes, it does incorporate the entire set of elements specific to this genre, meaning leveling, questing, looting, exploring, so on and so forth. You can even log on your iOS and Android devices with the same account and play multiple characters.

  1. Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave
Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

In case you’re a big fan of tower defense games, then you should definitely check out Dungeon Defenders. The game features a bundle of action elements you and three of your friends could take advantage of to stop the waves of enemies from destroying the Eternia Crystal.

  1. Toss the Ball
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An app that is highly appreciated for the fun factor, Toss the Ball lets you compete against five of your friends in a ball racing game. Keep in mind that the shortest path is not always the best, as the board feature special holes that award more points and allow you to level up faster. Level ups are quite important here because they grant access to new balls that could be more suitable for your play style.

  1. Hanging with friends
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Developed by Zynga, Hanging with friends is a revamp of the classic hangman game whose aim is to guess the 4-8 letter word and avoid being ‘executed’. The fun part is that you can play against an opponent or log in on your Android and iOS device with the same account and play by yourself when your friend gets bored.

  1. Scrabble

Scrabble, the game that even your grandmother remembers, is now available on mobile platforms and features a multiplayer mode. Simply log on with your EA Origin account or Facebook and you are ready to challenge friends – and strangers – at this beloved timeless classic. And the best part is that you can get up to 50 games going at the same time.

  1. Parallel Kingdom
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Parallel Kingdom is not your everyday strategy game, but one that uses real maps and forces you to fight in order to occupy real locations. Winning that piece of land is not enough, as you also have to use your resources to protect it from your clever opponents.

  1. Skies of Glory
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If you’re trying to prove your skills at flight simulators, but never had the chance to get into a head to head dogfight with your friends, then it’s time to check out Skies of Glory. The action takes place during the WWII era and allows you to choose between a plethora of planes in superb and frantic aerial warfare. If you’re rather picky with aircrafts and feel that the models available with the free download are not enough, rest assured that you can get more via in-app purchases.


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