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If you’re a fan of football, then you probably want to have access to the latest info about the numerous live matches, preferably without you having to do a thing. Rejoice football fans, as GoalTone is a free tool that will keep you posted about every goal scored via personalized notifications. What this means is that you will always know on what’s going on in Primera Division or the Premier League without having to sit in front of the TV for the entire weekend.


The app features a simple interface, which is not necessarily a bad thing if you think about it. While most Android users might expect crazy textures and branded baubles, don’t forget that flashy elements might make it harder for you to find the information you need, especially if you want to receive announcements from all European football leagues. Everything is kept as basic as it gets and all the data you need is no further than two taps away. Given the light interface, it’s no surprise that users have not reported any performance issues.

A quick look at its main features

  • You have access to all live football matches from around the world
  • The app offers you a live description of the game (red cards, yellow cards, who scored, etc)
  • The app also allows you to access videos that the goals or clips that present the highlights of the match
  • Easy access to all scheduled football games in your local time, so you don’t miss a match of your favorite team ever again
  • You can share the latest scores with your friends via Facebook, WhatsApp and other major social networks
  •  The information can be easily accessed via push notifications
  • The app will inform you about goals, even when it’s closed
  • The notifications are automatic and hence, there’s no need to refresh the app
  • GoalTone permits you to select the exact updates you want to receive
  • Requires Android 2.2 and up
  • Free of charge


While you might argue that this is just another live score app, the truth is that GoalTone takes things to the next level. In addition to informing you about any goal scored in your favorite European football league, you will also have access to all existing videos of the goal, the highlights of the match, football players’ interviews and even fans’ songs from the stadium. Not only will you have all major football leagues covered, but the app offers you a simple way to keep track of your favorite teams and players as well.

Speaking of your favorite football team, users appreciate the fact that they can choose the information they receive. Therefore, you could set it to notify you about latest news in all European Leagues, including Champions League and Europa League. Likewise, you can just as easily set GoalTone to keep you updated with the latest news from Bundesliga, Seria A, Primera Division, Turkish Superliga or Premier League.

The notification system is another noteworthy feature of the app. GoalTone has been designed for functionality and all the data you need is usually one or two taps away. Moreover, when your favorite team scores, you will see it in the notification so you don’t have to open it again and again.


GoalTone provides you with the newest updates on your favorite players, teams and leagues and it does its job very well. However, some users consider that the app should cover a lot more leagues than it does at this point. The good news is that if you can’t find your favorite football league, then don’t hesitate to contact the developers and they will do everything possible to add it.

In a nutshell

If you love football and are searching for an easy way get the latest scores and news, GoalTone is up for the challenge. Not only does it provide you with standard info – scores, live stats or play-by-play info – but it also throws in footage from the match, interviews, fans’ songs, so on and so forth. While it is true that it doesn’t replace the amazing experience of seeing your team on the stadium or on TV, it’s an amazing tool to have when watching the game is not an option.

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