If you’re looking for an app that merges the full plethora of video camera capabilities as well as features proprietary to social media perfectly then don’t look further than Viddy!


The developer is Viddy, a social mobile application company located in Venice, California. The small company is dedicated to discovering new and innovative ways to employ the iPhone camera and revolutionize the way users capture, produce and share their content with the world.


Viddy comes with a highly functional and sleek design, making it one of the top 10 apps to try out on the newly released iPhone 5S. The standard camera icon is positioned right in the middle of the screen while the utility features like Home, News, Profile and Popular menus cleverly flank it.  From the Home menu you will reach the People submenu from which you can invite your friends on Facebook or Twitter to join Viddy. The highlight of the interface is that the swiping left-to-right feature can also be used for fast forwarding or rewinding videos.

A quick look at its main features

  • Viddy adds pause and resume features to your iPhone’s advanced video camera
  • The app allows you to capture several high definition videos of up to 30 seconds
  • The integrated video library comes with live filtering previews
  • With Viddy you can create your own custom video filters for that perfect artistic touch
  • Viddy’s capabilities go beyond video capturing, as the app allows you to choose and edit your favorite music soundtracks
  • Sharing is seamless with Viddy, as everything is one-tap away, complete with hashtags, location tags, people tags and private sharing
  • Similar to other popular social networks Viddy allows you to see, like and comment on the content posted by your friends
  • It incorporates real-time video discovery, so you will be updated on the latest trending content at all times


What most iPhone users appreciate about Viddy is that the app comes with 15 Instagram-like filters and thumbnails that show you exactly how the effect will look like at the bottom of the screen. Moreover, because the app allows you to stop and start recording videos whenever you want, it has a high stop-motion animation potential.

A further noteworthy aspect about Viddy is that it permits some editing prior to the shooting session. Therefore, by opening a video with Viddy you can adjust the brightness, include some background music to set the mood or eliminate the beginning or ending of the video. Furthermore, you can modify the original filter selection if you’re not happy with the current effect.

As users point out, getting started with Viddy is a walk in the park. Similar to other apps in this category, you can use your Facebook or Twitter accounts as credentials for signing up with Viddy. Regardless of the social network account you choose, the app will automatically generate a username for you based on your Facebook or Twitter account. If you’re not satisfied with the automated username selection, you can change it, but only once. If you decide to sign in with your Facebook account then you will immediately know which of your friends is already using Viddy and see a feed with all the videos they created.

As far as its social media capabilities are concerned, you will be happy to learn that Viddy allows you to do just as many things on the web as any other app in its niche. However, the app includes a nice touch, namely the option to decide on whether or not you want to share your activity on Facebook or Twitter by turning the Social feature on and off.


Oddly enough, you can only record videos with Viddy by holding your iPhone vertically. Therefore, if you need to use widescreen to capture a landscape you will have to use your device’s camera software and then employ Viddy for editing or adding effects.

In a nutshell

Even though you can only captures videos of up to 30 seconds while holding your device vertically, Viddy does include several great features that outweigh these setbacks. Considering that Viddy currently holds one of the best social video app interfaces, a bunch of great features to enhance the user’s web presence and it’s free, you should definitely give it a try.

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