If you feel that you’re missing out on important deals, promotions and news because your Android phone is not safe enough to input sensitive information, then it’s time to learn more about LastPass’s Password Mgr Premium. Available in a brand new interface and an integrated browser, the app is a top-tier password manager that offers you all the mobile security you need.


LastPass is a developer that focuses on designing tools for added convenience and security. The Password Mgr was created so that users don’t have to spend hours retrieving their lost passwords, making new ones or going through the ordeal of talking to call center representatives about them. LastPass acknowledges that users go online to connect with each other, conduct business and for entertainment purposes. This is why they provided a solution to help you avoid all the fuss regarding the protection of your personal information, privacy and security.


In the eventuality that you’ve tried out the old version of the Password Mgr, then you’re probably aware of the setbacks of the antiquated UI. To put it simply, once opened the app redirected you to a white screen – which was actually the empty password vault – that most users confused with an error. Not only is this confusing interface gone, but the new UI includes semi-transparent overlays that explain each element incorporated in it. In fact, the newest version of Password Mgr comes with appealing Chrome-like tabs, each of them featuring a ‘’plus” button where you can add your own information.

The interface is truly user-friendly, as it guides you through the setup and provides numerous tips and tricks new customers will find useful. If you’re already a LastPass customer, rest assured you can skip all tutorials and simply log in after you’ve updated the information. Moreover, you will find all your existing entries stored securely.

A quick look at its main features

  • The app’s main role implies syncing all your passwords across mobile browsers and devices
  • It integrates its own built-in browser that will fill in login info for all accounts automatically
  • It will fill in forms on all websites you commonly visit
  • It can act like a secure password generator
  • You can add, delete and update forms fills, sites and secure notes
  • The secure notes can include audio recordings and images as attachments
  • The latest version of the app comes with a completely revamped UI, improved browser tabs and better session handling features
  • LastPass is a paid app, but you can try it for the 14 days free trial


One feature old customers were particularly fond of was the fact that both internet searches and the entries in the LastPass vault are now easily accessible via the top box. To be more precise, the first tab will always be the LastPass vault, while the rest comprise of browser windows. Considering that the browser was buried somewhere in the settings in the previous versions, it is easy to understand where these users are coming from.  Thanks to the new feature, you can take advantage of the auto-fill and form fill options similarly as you would on your desktop computer.


Even though Password Mgr is an overall decent app, users who tried the desktop version can’t help feeling there are several things missing from the Android counterpart. For instance, the desktop version works pretty well with secondary authenticating devices such as USB keys and fingerprint scanners. Moreover, it allows you to manage vault entries and limits the number of passwords that can be visible at a time. Without underestimating the Android’s version potential of working with identities, it can create only one-time passwords, a feature advanced users might require.

In a nutshell

In this day and age, you simply can’t understate the importance of having a unique, complex password for each online service you use. In fact, even when they’re encrypted the weak passwords are the first to be cracked be skilled hackers. This LastPass app helps eliminates all the nightmarish scenarios resulting from losing your pass or being hacked. In essence, it integrates easily to your everyday mobile usage and comes with all the benefits of a top-tier password manager for Android.

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