Thanks to the large amount of free cloud storage space, Bitcasa is the newest app in its category with high potential of taking on Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive. In case you’re wondering what makes Bitcasa such a worthy competitor, then the answer is simple: for only $99 per year you gain infinite cloud storage space and the possibility of keeping all versions of your files one tap away.


Bitcasa was born in 2011 after winning the prestigious Startup Battlefield competition at TechCrunch Disrupt. In just two years, the Mountain View, California based company managed to raise over $20 million and continues to grow thanks to multinational investors like Verizon, Samsung Ventures or First Round Capital, to name a few.


Given its competition, it’s no wonder the developers had to come up with a fresh and innovative interface that is also easy to explore and navigate. On the top of the screen, you will find the “My Infinite Drive” menu from which you can access the files in your account with just one tap. Accessing files in as straightforward as it gets and frankly, it seems tailor made for highly organized people. In case you’re part of the not-so-organized demographic, rest assured that Bitcasa provides a few sections to makes things easier for you (photos, music, documents, favorites, etc.). The highlight of the interface is the collapsible left menu with a bunch of clever subtrays that permit you to access just one type of files – only your videos, only your working documents, so on and so forth.

A quick look at its main features

  • Bitcasa offers you 5 GB of free storage space once you sign in
  • You can access the full plethora of media files and documents from all your computers and mobile devices
  • You can listen to full music albums and watch videos in various formats with Bitcasa
  • You can view your working documents anytime and anywhere
  • The Camera Backup feature keeps all your photos safe and allows you to automatically upload a copy of all the videos and pictures you have stored on your iPhone
  • Thanks to the Favorite feature you can view stored content offline (you can keep a local copy on your phone)
  • Bitcasa allows you share files of any size and format via a simple link
  • The premium version of the app comes with more storage space; for $99 per year you can choose between 1TB, 5TB or the Unlimited packages
  • The updated version of the app allows you to invite friends in order to gain more free storage space and has an enhanced Facebook integration


While Dropbox and SkyDrive could throw in some more free cloud storage, these file syncing services are unable to match the security provided by Bitcasa. To be more precise, the service uses the popular 256-Bit AES encryption on every file you want to upload and maintains the copies, so nothing gets lost. You can only access your documents and files via your unique account, while Bitcasa identifies users based on their files. All in all, the security features are unmatched.

Even though it acts and looks like any other storage service, Bitcasa works differently. They don’t keep the data in the cloud and synced between your devices, but rather stored online and with little local cache which Bitcasa considers you’ll need for fast access.

You will be impressed with the performance of the file uploading and syncing service, as all changes will become visible in less than one minute. While uploading around 500 GB of files will take some time, the process doesn’t interfere with your activity as the app will perform this task in the background. The better the internet connection, the faster you’ll have your files uploaded onto the cloud.


A few users have pointed out that the services can be a bit buggy with images from time to time.

In a nutshell

With Bitcasa, you can be certain to store, access and share every photo, song, video and document without any limitations. In spite of a few minor bugs, the service is guaranteed to provide you with complete privacy and total security cloud storage. Therefore, if you’re on the market for a new file syncing service, then you should definitely consider Bitcasa.

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