Are you worried that the party you planned with your close friends will be a disaster because your WiFi network isn’t strong enough? Are you suddenly experiencing poor network performance, although the internet worked fine until a week ago? Are you thinking of purchasing a wireless extender, but you’re not sure about the best location for it? If you find yourself in any of the aforementioned predicaments, then you should check your WiFi signal strength with the latest app released by a well-known name in the industry – Netgear.


The developer of this basic, yet smart app is Netgear, a company that specializes in providing networking products for home, businesses and service providers. The trusted brand has a vast experience in networking and focuses on keeping all things connected for the purpose of making each customer’s online experience seamless. Thanks to the wide variety of networking solutions provided by Netgear, you can host streaming on movie night more often, watch videos without having to worry about the annoying buffering and always be in touch with your precious family memories.


The WiFi Analytics has a user-friendly and intuitive interface everyone can understand. Once you open it, the app will verify your current wireless connection and identify the router’s model. Immediately after this short process, you will be redirected to the main menu where you can access various tests and information regarding your network. The app allows to view some of the info as meters and gauges.

A quick look at its main features

  • Allows you to check the strength of the signal
  • You gain access to advanced information regarding your home wireless network
  • You will receive tips on how to optimize the settings to make the best out of the wireless connection
  • The app provides basic data regarding the network status and signal strength
  • WiFi Analytics offer more advanced data, such as crowded WiFi channels and clear channels with less interference
  • A relatively small app – 459k – that will not eat too much storage space on your mobile device
  • Thanks to its recent update, the app now supports Android 4.4


Even though it’s an overall undemanding application, it is necessary to point out that the simplicity is also its greatest strength. After all, its primary role is to provide home users with an easy way to get an insight into a home wireless network without having to know too much about the subject.

One feature most users have been especially pleased with consists of the ability of the app to test the strength of the WiFi signal in each room of the house. On the default settings, the app includes several living areas such as kitchen, bedroom, office 1, etc. but you can delete or add as many rooms and areas as you want. Therefore, if you want to know the strength of the WiFi signal in each room of your home then all you need to do is move through the house and give the app a few seconds for testing. The measurements can also be useful for finding the best location for placing a wireless extender, for instance.

In the eventuality that you’ve experienced slow network performance lately, then you could use the app to find out all the WiFi networks in your proximity as well as the access points and channels each of the routers utilize. To improve your wireless network performance, simply adjust the channel settings. It is important to note that you should be careful with the channel settings because in some areas they are limited for the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands.


In spite of its excellent functionality and incorporated tools, the WiFi Analytics from Netgear is actually a bare bones app intended for home users with some mid level know-how of networks. In other words, advanced users will not find the necessary tools they need for professional WiFi deployments.

In a nutshell

All in all, Netgear’s WiFi Analytics is a light, cool little freebie that comes in handy for troubleshooting and monitoring your internet home network. It has a simple, functional interface, integrates several neat tools for optimizing your home WiFi and can be used with just about any router available on the market today.

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