In spite of the fact that Apple’s word processing application is not as popular or as widely utilized as Word, the truth is that Pages easily surpasses Microsoft’s mobile efforts. Moreover, as Pages manages all the uncomfortable parts of word processing, editing and creating documents on the tiny screen of an iPhone is no longer the mindboggling experience everyone dreads.


Apple is the developer of Pages, an amazing word processing app designed for iPhone and iPad.


Apple has invested a lot of effort in creating this app and its interface stands proof of that. The UI for creating or editing documents is large and clean, so you have enough room to see your content clearly. Ample room in this context means that the interface only brings in a few icons to the screen that can be used to format, add content or add advanced features to a document.

A quick look at its main features

  • Pages is a powerful word processor app designed to simplify editing and compiling docs
  • Incorporates over 60 templates designed by Apple
  • You will find the numerous templates useful whenever you need to create reports, posters, cards or resumes
  • The app allows you to import and edit your Microsoft Word docs via iTunes File Sharing or Mail
  • Pages includes a page navigator that allows you to browse documents faster; the navigator also provides a thumbnail preview of each page
  • If you need help setting Pages up, then try the Coaching Tips feature to receive guided help in-app
  • Editing and writing content can be done with both a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and the onscreen keyboard
  • Easily formats you docs with the preferred style, texture and font
  • Formatting has been integrated in the keyboard and is within your reach (no option is further than two taps away)
  • You can add flow text around the images with the auto-wrap text feature and save a lot of time
  • Images and even videos can now be easily added in the desired document
  • Animate your reports by incorporating dashing charts, columns, bars, scatters, lines, areas or pie charts
  • The content of the documents can be organized as tables, so you can  find the information you’re looking for quicker
  • Pages permits you to highlight and use comments, which  could come in handy when you want to share documents with others via AirDrop
  • The app includes automatic spell checking and list making, both comparable to the Microsoft Word desktop version
  • You can save, edit and access your documents on iCloud
  • All your documents can be exported in ePub, PDF or Microsoft Word
  • Print your documents with the AirPrint service


As many users point out, the highlights of the application comprise of its wide variety of editing, formatting and advanced writing tools. Not only do you have more than 60 beautifully designed templates to choose from, but you will be impressed by the high responsiveness of the app, regardless of whether you include 3D elements in your document or not.

A further aspect you will certainly appreciate about Pages is that the app allows you to resize all your documents according to known printing standards. In addition, you will have complete control over the exact margins of the doc and you can even use a ruler tool to see how much space there is between the elements of the text.


Although it shows that Apple has gone through a lot of trouble to create a word processing app suitable for mobile use, the main issue with Pages is its limited storage options. The app only offer iCloud as a location for saving your documents and doesn’t connect to popular file syncing and storage services like Dropbox or Box. Therefore, every time you want to open or save a document you’ll have to undergo a multi-step procedure. Nevertheless, even under these circumstances, you still save a lot of time, a plus that Word and other similar mobile apps badly lack.

In a nutshell

Without a doubt, Pages is one of the most advanced and full-featured application in its category. In spite of the fact that you do need a lot of free space for it and it doesn’t allow other saving location except iCloud, the app’s high responsiveness, sleek interface and extensive list of features make it a must-have app for iPhone users who work with docs on a daily basis.

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