The latest Stand O’Food (a time management game) has arrived on Google Play this mid November and already counts one million downloads. Are you ready to embark on a thrilling fast-paced adventure and help Ronnie the Chef open his popular restaurant chain in Tinseltown?


The developer of what already seems to be one of the best time management games out there so far is G5 Entertainment. A well known name on Google Play and iTunes, G5 Entertainment also stands behind popular games such as Nightmares of the Dee, Red Crow Mysteries: Legion and Tales from the Dragon Mountain, to name a few.


The interface is bright, colorful and exactly what the fans of fast-paced puzzle game genre would expect from an app in this category. True enough, they’re not as high-resolution or artistic as you might find in similar games, but they are sharp and appealing. You can see the customer orders in the though bubbles placed just above the hover, recipes for which you will need to use the ingredients from the conveyor belt in a precise order.

However, as some users pointed out the graphics for the customer orders all work as intended, except for the bakery where it’s fairly difficult to differentiate between the various types of toppings for the multi-tiered cakes. The trick here is to click on the thought bubble to enlarge the image and thus build the cake in question properly. Still, by using this strategy repeatedly you will end up slowing down your gameplay in the end.

A quick look at its main features

  • The game features 75 levels  and 12 bonus levels that you can complete in 5 different restaurant settings
  • Ronnie is opening up 25 restaurants around the city, each with a full menu of foods to serve
  • There are numerous adventures waiting for you to unlock from inside the game
  • You can master over 90 different recipes throughout the game
  • Discover over 18 delicious sauces and earn more cash
  • Earn the expert status by unlocking all 33 achievements
  • While the game has a paid version, you can enjoy plenty of great gameplay in the free version as well


Unlike similar games in this genre, Stand O’Food is not just about speed, but also about having a good strategy. While the game starts out easy in order to introduce you to the gameplay, it tends to get fast-paced relative quickly. Soon enough you’re done serving open-faced sandwiches and the recipes become more complex and challenging to prepare. In fact, by the end of the game you may find yourself in the situation of having to serve a sandwich with more than ten layers.

The story in the game revolves around Ronnie the chef and his dream of opening up a chain of 25 restaurants in Tinseltown. In order to accomplish his goal he needs to make as much money as possible and level up by serving customers what they asked for quickly and correctly.

But wait, there’s more than serving customers, as Ronnie also has to disrupt the revenge plans of Mr. Torg in between game rounds. These challenges that can be best described as mini-games are quite fun and you’ll encounter your first one after completing the first four levels; not to mention that completing them increases your revenues substantially.

A further thing you will definitely enjoy about Stand O’Food is that it doesn’t come with that irritating music specific to the genre. In fact, numerous customers stated that the music is interesting, especially since it wavers between Italian operetta (lasagna cafe), country music and violins.


In the eventuality you own a device with a smaller screen, then later on in the game you will have some issues viewing the customer orders, particularly if they’re complex menus. A further setback of the app is that you can’t skip the initial tutorial, irrespective of whether or not you’ve already reached an advanced level.

In a nutshell

While the game seems to work against you when you reach higher levels, let’s not forget that this is a fast-paced strategy and puzzle game. Stand O’Food is fun, colorful and is bound to put you in a good mood after a few minutes of gameplay. Challenging and even frenetic at times, the game is certainly a must-have for the time management game fans.

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