After spending months in beta, it comes as no surprise that Fetchnotes is an appealing, sharp and fast note-taking service. Unlike other apps in this category, Fetchnotes replaced the folders, files and notebooks with hashtags, an element that simplifies note taking on mobile devices considerably. Some users might argue that the hashtags idea was stolen from older apps, like Catch for instance. While it is true that Catch was among the first apps to use hashtags for note managing, let’s not forget that using those inline hashtags as tags was rather confusing and left room for inconsistencies.


Although some might called it simplistic, the interface is appealing and offers everything you need for taking quick notes, without the extra options you commonly find in similar apps. Even though in order to get started with Fetchnotes you will first need to make an account, it is necessary to mention that the process is straightforward and fast. On a side note, the truth is that the app could have benefited from a Facebook or Twitter account login, as not all users are eager to create a new account.

Once you create your account and enter the app, you will be able to access a tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know to get the most out of Fetchnotes. The tutorial surely comes in handy for users who are not familiar with Twitter and would like to know more about the use utilization of hashtags.

A quick look at its main features

  • Fetchnotes provides a seamless way to keep track of all your notes and to-do lists
  • By maintaining the notes and lists updated, you can keep in sync with the people that matter to you
  • The app allows you organize your notes while you type; all you need to do is add a hashtag in front of a word
  • Thanks to Fetchnotes, sharing has become increasingly easy; mention a contact’s name, email or phone number and they will receive your notes already organized with hashtags
  • The app allows you to make all sorts of notes and lists, so you no longer have to waste time switching from one app to another to view your shopping list, travel plans, work notes, so on and so forth
  • You can switch between various notes with just a tap of the screen and you can use Fetchnotes for anything you want
  • You can count on Fetchnotes to be there when inspiration strikes and irrespective of the devices on which you have installed the app, you will be sure to find the data in sync on all platforms
  • Fetchnotes guarantees an 100% privacy on all your notes, unless of course you decide to share them with other people
  • The app allows you to archive your notes and lists once you’re done with them
  • You’re always in sync with the users with whom you shared your notes and will receive an immediate notification once they post an update
  • Fetchnotes is easy to install and use, so you don’t need to follow complex guides to get started


Even though there are plenty of apps out there that allow you to take simple notes and manage them, the truth is that few of them actually come with a fully integrated cloud syncing feature. Not only can you use hashtags to organize your notes for easier searching and filtering, but the app also allows real-time syncing in cloud across multiple platforms. The simplification of note taking as well as the convenient sharing and management system are just a two of the features that make Fetchnotes stand out in the crowd.


The whole idea around which Fetchnotes is revolving consists of the ability to organize and manage your notes and lists real time, by typing with hashtags. However, some users feel that the integration of folders, notebooks or a more standard organization method would have made the app much better. Furthermore, advanced users suggest that the app could have benefited from geo-tagging, audio memos, checkboxes, font tools, bullet points and other traditional features you’d expect to find in apps in this category.

In a nutshell

Based on the features it has and the ones it badly lacks, Fetchnotes seems to address mainly users who only take notes and share them with others occasionally.

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