Although it promises a lot of cool features, Truecaller is essentially a basic SMS and call app. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t its job properly, as you are about to find out.


Truecaller is a relatively new company founded in 2009, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The idea behind the app is very simple:  Truecaller represents a phone directory app that spares you the trouble of having to spend hours searching the internet or asking relatives and friends for a certain phone number. The app is available on all mobile platforms and can be considered a revolutionary way for people to get in touch and contact each other.


Even though the app has a rather simplistic interface, first time users might have a hard time going through the settings. Like other apps in this category, Truecaller drops its own caller ID info right onto the stock Android’s caller ID message whenever somebody not in your phonebook tries to contact you. To be honest, this feature is rather annoying.

A quick look at its main features

  • With Truecaller, you will gain access to over 950 million phone numbers worldwide
  • The app allows you to lookup mobile and landline phone numbers from across the globe
  • By activating your 3G or WiFi, you will find out who the unknown caller is before answering
  • The Call Blocker feature obstruct calls from your blacklist; it is also useful for blocking common spam callers listed in the community blacklist
  • Truecaller’s community has over 25 million users and it’s growing every day
  • You can connect your social network account to Truecaller to receive the latest news and statuses from your friends (the aforementioned information will be available whenever they call you)
  • The app helps you organize and manage your phone book by adding the latest photos, information, pictures, so on and so forth
  • The app permits you to see a call log of all incoming/outgoing calls and searches, all in a single view
  • The premium version of the app is ad-free and includes a feature that allows you to see who visited your profile
  • Truecaller’s latest updates added three new locations, namely Turkey, Poland and Indonesia
  • The 3.32 version also comes with push on notifications


Unlike similar apps, Truecaller integrates one single blacklist where you can add the undesirable phone numbers. The feature surely makes things easier for managing unwanted calls, considering that you don’t have to bother with multiple lists anymore. As far as blocking is concerned, things are delicate and polite, meaning that if a blocked number will try to reach you, the caller will hear a busy signal, while the phone will not ring on your end. Moreover, if you don’t like answering phone calls from unknown numbers, you can set the app to automatically block numbers that are not included in your phone book.

According to the developers, the premium version of the application comes with more than a dozen monthly supplies of contact requests. You will be happy to learn that reverse number lookups are also available with the free version, although this number is not specified. Speaking of reverse number lookups, Truecaller allows you to text your contacts and ask them about a certain number directly from the application. Moreover, you can also ask about numbers you’re not familiar with over Google+ and other social networks via the app interface.


Even though Truecaller is efficient at blocking calls, users have a few complaints regarding the SMS Blocking features of the app. To be more precise, if a blocked number attempts to send you a text message, you will not receive a notification, nor will you view it in the log. Frankly, we can understand where these users are coming from since you might want to know what the other person has to say or when he tried to contact you, even though you are currently mad at him enough to block his/her number.

In a nutshell

If you’re looking for a crowd-sourced call and SMS blocking app capable of obstructing unwanted phone calls from spammers or people you don’t want to talk to, then you should give Truecaller a try. Even though the app includes numerous advanced features, let’s not forget that this is a freebie and you shouldn’t expect too much of it.

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