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It’s a new year so it’s time to get onto your money matters in a better, bolder and more efficient way! In case you’re curious about how much money you spend in any given day, week or month but don’t want to bother with complicated financial apps then Level Money might be the right application for you. As one of its ways in helping you figure out your finances, the app provides useful insight on how much you could actually save as a percentage of your income.


Level Money is a developer keen on modifying the financial rulebook so that average users can understand how to better manage their finances. This is why the app is designed from a quantified-self point of view and its role is to provide a simple read on your current funds, rather than confuse you even further with budgets. While for now Level Money limits its activity to app development, the primary goal of the company is to become a next-generation monetary service that addresses the financial management needs of the 21st century average worker.


The interface is simple and user-friendly, as even before you sign in you can see its main three menus indicating the spendable dollars remaining Today, This Week and This Month. The remaining cash is cleverly shown with a fill line that drops as money flows out. After signing in, you will have access to more information regarding your finances, including activity (the transaction history), save, plan and a bug catcher (emailing services you can use to notify the developers about the bugs you find).

A quick look at its main features

  • Level Money is designed to work as a financial GPS, meaning it will help you get where you want with your budget
  • The role of the app is to help users make better decisions by proving them with the basic financial info they need to know
  • If you’re not sure whether you should purchase something, open the app to find out the “spendable amount” for a given day, week or month
  • Level’s aim is to make the saving process easier to understand and hence, achievable
  • The app allows you to link your bank accounts so you’re always up to date
  • The app uses the 128-Bit Encryption to keep your sensitive data safe
  • Level records transactions automatically
  • It tracks income and fixed expenditures automatically and will always provide you with a full picture of your current financial situation
  • Offers a simple read on your cash flow


The first thing you can appreciate about this app is that it takes security seriously. When you set up your free account the app asks you to provide a password – a strong password that is – before allowing you to connect your bank accounts. In addition, Level uses the same encryption standard as banks and financial institutions, namely the 128-Bit Encryption.

Unlike many other financial apps, Level Money takes a quantified approach to money management and makes things easier to keep under control. Once you connected your bank accounts, the app will identify your funds and the last transactions, which you need to flag as normal spending or anomalies. Next, the app will ask you to specify your fixed spending – bills mostly – that you can introduce manually or select from the transaction history. Lastly, you will need to determine how much cash you want to save every month and you are done.


In spite of the fact that you can link your bank accounts safely and securely, Level Money doesn’t include any feature to help you keep track of split expenses or shared bank accounts. Moreover, the app lacks the budgeting categories you would normally expect and is unable to account for how you really invest your money. In other words, the money you spend on groceries and the cash you use to pay the tab at a bar are basically in the same boat. If you need a tool to help you manage target budgeting or real-life financial situations, then you should look for something else.

In a nutshell

Level Money is a simple and straightforward budgeting app that helps you keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly finances in a secure manner and it does a fine job at projecting how much money you spend based on your transaction history.

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