Although there are thousands of apps released every month, only a few are the real gems. Without further ado, let’s summarize the best iOS apps for this year.

  1. Mortal Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Even though Mortal Combat seems to be Gameloft’s version of the popular Modern Warfare series, rest assured that the latest version is by far the best of the series. The highlight of the app consists of the impressive graphics that have been tweaked repeatedly to ensure the frame rate is running relatively smoothly. Add the fact that the game features an excellent multiplayer mode and consistent campaigns and you got yourself a must have title for all iOS first person shooter fans.

  1. FIFA 14

While it is true that FIFA 14 was a hit from the day it was launched, the latest updates make it even better. EA has added more licensed teams, leagues and players to make FIFA a truly fantastic game with numerous features that are worth every penny. Moreover, the controls have been refined as to allow players to show off their skills easier.

  1. djay 2
djay 2

Without a doubt, djay was one of the best DJ-ing applications available on iTunes for the past couple of years. Still, the developers have outdone themselves with the launch of djay 2. To be more precise, the app has been completely revamped for better performance. In addition, it comes with several new features – waveform view, built-in sample, virtual vinyl screen, so on and so forth – that users will certainly get a kick out of.

  1. dubble

Despite the fact that the idea behind dubble is as straightforward as it gets, the app is an example of how simple things can be executed perfectly. dubble is essentially a photo sharing service that allows you to combine your pics with another randomly chosen photo in order to create a new image. As many iOS users can testify, the results are striking and definitely above what you’d normally expect from an app in this category.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone
Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone

While Adobe Photoshop Touch has been available for iPad for numerous years, the developers only managed to release the iPhone version last summer. You can’t really blame them, considering the difficulty and unique challenges you face trying to port a photo editor app to a small screen and actually make it work flawlessly. Adobe has done a wonderful job with the Photoshop Touch for iPhone, an app that is considered a must-have photo editor and filter for your latest smartphone model.

  1. Where’s My Water? 2
Where's My Water? 2

If you loved the first Where’s My Water? puzzle app, you’ll surely fall in the love with the second version. In addition to the tricky puzzles you’re accustomed to, the app brings new challenges, themed ducks you can collect to complete various achievements and over 100 levels to solve. Not only is this puzzle game fun, but it is actually a worthy sequel that fans of the genre can’t afford to miss.

  1. Infinity Blade III
Infinity Blade III

Granted, although it reached the third sequel, Infinity Blade has maintained the same game formula and gameplay. In other words, you will still have to swipe and tap until your fingers get numb in order to take down all sorts of opponents. Then again, Infinity Blade III features a lot more content than the previous games, while it’s impressive graphics makes it the perfect app for showing off your new iPad Air.

  1. Mailbox

Mailbox represents the alternative to Google Services, designed to help you manage your emails faster and easier. Even though it has a minimalistic interface, the simple UI provides users with an uncluttered, low-maintenance email client guaranteed to keep your inbox organized.

  1. Moves

The first app to utilize iPhone 5’s motion processor, Moves is an activity tracker app designed to help you monitor your outdoor sports activities like running, jogging, power walking or cycling, to name a few. Needless to say that it does so excellently and without consuming your battery’s life juice.

  1. Tweetbot 3
Tweetbot 3 for Twitter (iPhone & iPod touch)

In the eventuality that you’re not satisfied with Twitter’s official client, then Tweetbot 3 is the right app for you. Available with an impressive interface and a bundle of customization features, the app can help you personalize your Twitter experience and make it a great deal more enjoyable.

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