Hopeless: The Dark Cave


Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a cute, well-designed and minimalistic shooter for mobiles released on the Apple Store at the beginning of the year. While it’s not the kind of game where you can compete with friends on whole weekends marathons, it’s also incredibly difficult to put down once you start playing.


A new name on the mobile gaming market, Upopa is a company that aims high and seeks to bring the passion for gaming to an industry that revolves around monetary gains. Even though Upopa was founded in 2013, it includes well-known names in their development team, such as Niv Touboul, Or Avrahamy and Gideon Rimmer. Hopeless: The Dark Cave is the team’s first release, a captivating and lovable mobile horror game that will undoubtedly test your decision-making skills and reflexes.


The idea behind the game is simple and straightforward: you need to take a bunch of scared glowing blobs that huddle in the darkness to safety. While you initially feel sorry for the little fellows, rest assured they’re armed and know a thing or two about how to defend themselves against the evil monster lurking in the darkness.

Unlike numerous fast-paced games out there, Hopeless: The Dark Cave comes with simple controls. To be more precise, all you need to do in order to shoot is tap on the approaching monster. With each kill, your forces become stronger, as after reaching 300 points a new blob will join you. The more blobs you have, the faster the waves monsters will try to get to you.


As many users point out, even if you’re not a fan of fast-paced horror games, the interface will surely draw you in. Given the well-designed, sleek and polished graphics, you could easily mistake the game for a paid app or could erroneously believe it’s a free app filled with in-app purchases. From the beautifully grotesque monsters to the stunningly drawn glowing blobs, you can tell the developers have invested a lot of effort in the design. On top of that, Hopeless: The Dark Cave includes an equally amazing soundtrack that will definitely make you want to put on your HD headphones.

A quick look at its main features

  • The game takes you straight into the action and you don’t have to sit through lengthy, boring tutorials
  • A truly horrifying atmosphere where you are forced to make fast decisions
  • Hopeless: The Dark Cave tests you judgment and reflexes at the same time
  • The gameplay is very intense, as you are the only one who can save the cute glowing blobs, against all odds


Despite the fact that the game currently features one game mode, take note that the action is very intense and rapid. As you go through waves of monsters, you will find more blobs to join your forces: however, beware that more blobs in your team also means a higher number of monsters heading your way. In fact, just when you think you are able to handle yourself pretty well and everything is going smoothly, there’s a high chance you could get overwhelmed by a wave of powerful monsters.

The game comes with a bonus point system, which is a highly desirable element in this kind of games. You even get killing sprees after successfully destroying several monsters in a row. Then again, you shouldn’t be too hasty to pull out your gun as you realize unknown things draw near you, since you can’t really tell whether you’re dealing with a friend or a foe. On the other hand, if you let the demons get too close to you, they will surely snatch one of you blobs away. If you run out of blobs, you will kill yourself out of fear and the game will end.


Until this point, there have been very little cons reported by users who tried the game. A common complaint so far is in respect to the limited number of items you can unlock. Then again, the developers will surely fix this minor issue in the near future.

In a nutshell

Hopeless: The Dark Cave is an extremely cute and original fast-paced shooter that will put your reflexes, decision-making skills and instincts to survive to the test. Although the game is casual and implies rescuing blobs and eradicating monsters, you certainly won’t find it boring after trying it out.

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