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If you are a RoboCop fan and love the Columbia Picture’s reboot film which is playing in the cinemas now, then we’ve got some good news: Glu Games has recently released RoboCop, a third-person shooter available for both iOS and Android. Did we forget to mention that this is the movie’s official game tie-in?


Glu Games stroke a bargain with Columbia Pictures and became the developer of the official mobile app for the movie. Unfortunately for them, RoboCop the mobile game is kind of a disappointment since it seems to be nothing more than a re-skin of the developer’s popular creation, Frontline Command. If we were to be mean, then we could say that the new game is actually Frontline Command without the action and the D-Day settings.


Even though users have high expectations when it comes to controlling one of all-times favorite cyborg, the sad truth is that the game is undemanding. In spite of the fact that the mere idea that you’re going to control the augmented cop is delightful and the game is satisfactory, the problem is that there’s nothing much to control. In fact, except for moving between covers and deciding when to pop up to shoot at the enemies, everything is automated.


Given the size of the app, the graphics and interface are truly magnificent. Not only are the graphic elements one of the strong points, but fans of the franchise will be happy to learn that the explosions in this game are superb.

A quick look at its main features

  • You get to play OmniCorp’s ultimate law enforcement officer, RoboCop
  • Your training is done in an amazing quality simulator
  • RoboCop can employ drones to destroy large groups of enemies
  • You will be able to capture informants and learn your enemies’ next moves
  • You’ll have a chance to face RoboCop’s arch nemesis from the movies, namely ED-209 and EM-208
  • You can upgrade RoboCop with OmniCorp’s latest robotic suits and weapons
  • Learn how to defeat your enemies by scanning their body with heat vision in order to identify their weak spots
  • RoboCop is a free to play app with in-game purchases


For a free game, RoboCop provides a lot of content. Even though the energy system limits how long you can play during a session, the game incorporates plenty of freemium elements, daily quests and story-based missions to keep you busy. Moreover, you can upgrade RoboCop to respectable levels without spending any real cash. As numerous users point out, you can completely ignore the in-game purchases and focus exclusively on your progress. This way, you’ll have a lot more fun.

A strong point of this shooter game is the cover system. Although you have very few places where you can duck, RoboCop can blast the cover of his enemies and keep them exposed. Simply focus fire on a vehicle or a barrel and you’ll experience one of the most glorious slow-motion explosions in the history of mobile shooter games.

RoboCop features a few useful RPG elements, such as the upgrade tree for the gear. While at first the new skills don’t seem to matter too much, later on they make all the difference in the world, as you meet tougher and faster enemies. The upgrade tree is relatively long and includes a series of nodes that grant unique enhancements for your cyborg. Obviously, the cooler the augment, the more in-game currency you need to spend. Note that sometimes you need to wait for certain upgrades to apply.


Unfortunately, RoboCop is filled with countdown timers and pay-gates that interfere with the entire experience.  A few users went as far as to state the game contains some of the most aggressive attempts of monetization they’ve ever seen. The problem here is that not only are the upgrades absurdly expensive, but it’s also very easy to spend all of your currency quickly.

In a nutshell

For the official game of a highly anticipated movie, RoboCop doesn’t rise up to the expectations. Despite the fact that the graphics look sharp, the gameplay is constantly fragmented by attempts of aggressive monetization. Nonetheless, if you manage to ignore the numerous requests for payment, then RoboCop can still be a nice shooter to pass time!

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