Cut the Rope 2


Deemed one of the most popular games on iPhone every year since its release, Cut The Rope needs no further introductions for iOS users. ZeptoLab has recently released a sequel of the popular game that promises the same cheery, exciting and wonderfully crafted puzzles, as well as a fresh and thrilling gameplay.


ZeptoLab, the developer of the Cut The Rope series, is a global gaming company that aims to redefine the mobile gaming industry. Given the titles released by the developer so far, it is safe to assume that they managed to achieve this goal. Despite the fact that the team has focused on developing semi-sequels for the already successful Cut The Rope, they made sure to introduce new gameplay mechanics and various cosmetic tweaks to keep the content interesting.


The adventure in Cut The Rope 2 takes places across five different locations. What is interesting is that in addition to the unique sound and feel, each location includes a new character with unique abilities that keeps the content fresh and exciting. Not only do Roto, Blue, Toss, Lick and Boo add a thrill to the game, but they also manage to make the gameplay more difficult. In fact, users claim that the difficulty of Cut The Rope 2 is actually challenging and appealing to the adult player. Although Om Nom’s journey onlt takes him to a lush forest, a junkyard, a sandy dam, the underground and the city park, the developers have promised to include several new places in the future updates.


As you would expect from a mobile game with 300 million downloads and counting, the interface is sleek, bright and well designed. Om Nom and the newly introduced Nommies are extremely well drawn and you can’t help feeling that the developers wanted to add some character to the new secondary heroes.

The highlight of the Cut The Rope sequel resides in the fact that now users can customize Om Nom. While it is true that the store provides plenty of hats and cosmetic upgrades for the main hero, some users claim the developer is twisting their arm into making these in-game purchases.

A quick look at its main features

  • Join Om Nom on an unexpected adventure through lush forests, junkyards, underground tunnels and busy cities, in pursuit of candy
  • Cut The Rope 2 features 120 completely new levels
  • Choose one of the 5 new Nommies to help you on your quest to find candy
  • Pick your Nommie carefully, as each one comes with a special ability such as tossing and throwing objects, making small bridges or lifting Om Nom
  • Didn’t like Om Nom’s original appearance? No problem, now you can customize the hero to your liking
  • The game comes with new sounds, new graphics and innovative gameplay elements, including the ability to move Om Nom
  • By collecting enough medals, you’ll be able to unlock amazing secret levels
  • Similar to the first game, Cut The Rope 2 includes a free daily gift


Cut The Rope 2 introduces a few new elements that definitely make the gameplay more exciting and exhilarating. First off, the new helping monsters ensure the gameplay remains fresh throughout the 180 levels. A further innovative element users appreciate in Cut The Rope 2 is the medal system that rewards users after accomplishing a set of objectives. If you manage to get all the medals in a level, then you will unlock four amazing new secret levels, so you have plenty incentives to try to get the medals.


Unlike the first Cut The Rope released in 2010, the sequel comes with a rather unpleasant major difference: the truly irritating in-app purchases. Without denying that in-game purchases are part of the mobile gaming, the truth is that in this game they interfere too much with the gameplay. The aggressiveness of the IAP comes as a surprise, especially when you’re looking at a game that can pay for itself and will surely gather a lot of profit from downloads alone.

In a nutshell

If you played the first Cut The Rope, then you will definitely enjoy playing this amazing sequel. The new worlds come with beautifully crafted graphics, accurate physics and logic puzzles that take the gameplay to a completely new level. Even though the new puzzles are slightly more difficult, they are also clever enough and satisfactory to figure out.


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