VSCO Cam app review

Overview of  VSCO Cam 

Even though it was one of the most anticipated apps for Android, VSCO Cam had a disappointing debut. The good news is that most of the bugs and performance issues were addressed in a patch released at the beginning of January. To be more precise, users can now enjoy improved camera stability, will be able to export images easier and will no longer experience issues when loading the in-app store. However, that’s not all the VSCO Cam has to offer, as you are about to find out.


The developer of VSCO Cam is Visual Supply Co., a company well known for professional photo filter software such as Film, an app capable of reproducing the film photos. Their latest app benefits from the extensive expertise and experience in this niche of the developer. VSCO Cam has an intuitive and minimalistic interface that makes editing and photo shooting considerably easier. Even though it lacks the social features of better known apps like Flickr or Instagram, the app compensates via its amazing web photo galleries.


As previously mentioned the interface is intuitive and minimalistic. The main menu comes with six options, out of which three are offering a quick link to the developer’s website. The Camera submenu allows you to take the actual pictures. The Library submenu is the place where you can add photos for flagging, editing and sharing purposes.

Speaking of editing, VSCO Cam confers you a plethora of image adjustment tools, including saturation, contrast, exposure, so on and so forth. While the free version of the app only comes with ten filters and some effects, you can purchase additional ones for less than one dollar.

A quick look at VSCO Cam’s main features

  • Thanks to the wide variety of editing tools, you can fine tune your photos
  • You can define and improve your pics by adjusting their exposure, temperature, contrast, vignette, fade and numerous other filters
  • You can keep all your images neatly organized with the quick filter navigation
  • You decide which photos to upload on VSCO Cam’s online grid


VSCO Cam makes shooting sessions very easy, regardless of your knowhow on the subject. Not only are you able to switch between the front and back camera seamlessly, but the app also lets you know that it made the desired focus and exposure adjustments before you take the picture. Furthermore, by taping on the gear icon you will be able to activate the grid overlay option as well as the flash setting square shooting.

The trump card of VSCO Cam over similar apps like Instagram comes from the way it lets you adjust the settings. To be more precise, you can alter the strength of the VSCO Cam effects as you see fit. In addition, the app permits you to edit any image you have on your Android device, unlike most photo-editing apps that typically work solely with the pictures you shoot inside the app.

VSCO Cam offers you the possibility to create an account on the developer’s site. The account can be used to create your own online grid and it’s a new place to upload photos. After signing up, the app will include an additional submenu that will bear the name of your account. What users appreciated about the VSCO online grid is that it doesn’t upload all photos automatically, but instead it lets you pick your favorite ones from the library.


Unlike similar apps that have built their popularity on social interactions, VSCO Cam social features are minimal. You don’t have the possibility to like, comment or tag people in the photos you upload. On the other hand, don’t forget that the app includes the expected sharing options, namely you can share your masterpieces with your friends on the major social network. For some reasons, users can’t share on Flickr, an aspect that will surely be remedied in the near future.

In a nutshell

A newcomer in a rather crowded market, VSCO Cam has all the expertise and features to allow it to catch up with well-established apps like Instagram. Even though users report the Android version is rather buggy compared to its iPhone counterpart, VSCO Cam comes with an impressive bundle of filters, effects and web galleries. All in all, if you include photography among your hobbies or simply want to take better pictures, then you should give VSCO Cam a try.

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