Little Dots


Little Dots is the newest release from a well-established name in the casual puzzle category, ThinkCube. In the following guide, you’re going to find out if the new game rises to the fans’ expectations and whether or not it’s able to deliver all the elements users expect from a casual game.


After developing an incredible little game in November 2013, the highly addictive Hexic Flow: Bend, ThinkCube Inc. has recently released the newest app in the Entertainment & Family game category, Little Dots. ThinkCube Inc. has over 30 apps published so far, gaming apps that amassed over 3 million downloads and that propelled the Canadian-based developer to the top 100 iOS puzzle games publishers worldwide.


The gameplay is as simple as the app’s name suggests: you will need to find and connect at least two dots of the same color on board filled with numerous dots of various pastel shades. Connecting the dots is a matter of tracing a line with your finger over the touchscreen.

Similar to other games in the category, the more dots you manage to connect, the longer the chain and the more points you will earn. Once you linked 8 or more dots, you will create a color bomb that will detonate all the similarly colored dots on the board. If you want to earn more points and clear dots from your board faster, then it’s advisable to refrain from being hasty; wait until the chain is as long as possible.


The minimalistic and flat interface of Little Dots fits extremely well with the new design of the iOS 7. Users are particularly fond of the font used by the developers for the title screen as well as the beautiful and crisp pastel shades utilized for the dots. Although the design is rather simplistic, it works in the advantage of this little game, an element primarily noticed when the animations pop up.

A quick look at its main features

  • Little Dots’ gameplay is simple and straightforward: connect similarly colored dots to complete a level
  • The game features over 10,000 levels free of charge
  • Progress through the tremendous number of levels and test out each of the 40 different puzzle shapes
  • You can choose from a variety of modes, including timed, chain reaction, collection or high scores, to name a few
  • Because you have limited moves, you can take advantage of the numerous power-ups  to advance further in the game
  • Among the most popular power-ups, you can count reshuffle and bombs or pop-a-dot
  • Little dots guarantees a highly enjoyable game experience
  • It features sleek graphics and amazing sound effects that immerse you into the game’s atmosphere
  • If you want to compete against other players, you can do so by accessing the Game Center
  • Although the app is free, it doesn’t come with annoying pop-ups to other apps


Given the simple idea behind Little Dots, it’s clear that the developers put in an effort to keep things interesting. While the gameplay implies connecting dots of the same color, the levels are designed to be different from each other. For instance, to complete a certain level you might have to get to a predefined target score with a limited amount of moves or you could be required to create as many chain reactions as possible to clear the board.

Completing a level earns you points, which you can use to purchase various power-ups that will help you reach objectives a lot easier on the next levels. In the eventuality that you were reckless and ran out of the game’s currency, then you can get more via in-app purchases.


Some users have pointed out that the game tends to become repetitive and tedious after a while. Even though you have several objectives to meet when playing in Normal Mode, Little Dots grows rather monotonous after completing a few dozen levels.

In a nutshell

If you enjoy sitting back and playing on your iPhone to relax after a long and hard day, then Little Dots is the right app to help you melt the stress away. In spite of the fact that some boards are more difficult than others, it is necessary to mention that completing a level is not as stressful compared to other games in this category. Little Dots is definitely one of the games to consider for kicking back at the end of the day.

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