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There has been a lot of hype surrounding the newest upcoming RIM product, namely the Blackberry 10. The opinions regarding the fate of the BB10 are mixed. Some predict that this revolutionary smartphone will constitute the spark to reignite the flames and help RIM be reborn like a mighty Phoenix. Others consider that the BB10 will add further to Research In Motion’s inevitable demise and the stock of the company will take the final step off the cliff, plummeting into insolvency.

BB10′s possible futures

Now, the only thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that the Blackberry 10 represents the product that can make or break RIM. In other words, depending on their strategy and of course, the quality of the features incorporated by their latest smartphone, the sales can either surpass the estimations of analysts or be considerably underneath.

Where to go?

There is no middle ground here, not with all the clients Research In Motion lost to Android and Apple smartphones over the years due to their subpar products. Nevertheless, the world will learn the outcome soon enough, considering that the BB10 launch is scheduled for the February 30, 2013.

A few of the BB10 features

The UI of the next generation of Blackberries is by far the biggest improvement of the smartphone and, according to RIM representatives, it is intended for usage in slightly upgraded versions for the products developed by them over the course of the next 10 years. One of the key aspects consists of the “flow”, which is essentially the implementation of a content layering concept via simple motions, allowing better control over the interface.

Jugando con el PlayBook de RIM - I

Smoothness and fluidity in multitasking define the utilization of the BB10 menu, at least for the demo version of the device presented in London, on October 10, 2012. In addition, the Calendar, Balance (essentially the ability to have a personal and a work profile for the Blackberry) and the BBM represent the highpoints of this smartphone model.

A quick history of the BBM

The BBM, which stands for Blackberry Messenger used to be one of the trump cards of the old BB devices, but it eventually lost ground to Google Talk, iMessage and all the mobile versions of social networks. The advantage of the BBM in the first Blackberry smartphones consisted of the ability to keep track of your interlocutors in real time. When several other messaging applications were able to provide this feature, the BBM was no longer the star of the show. Paired with the other slipups from RIM and the loss in popularity of their mobile devices, the Blackberry Messenger fell into oblivion. In fact, even the people who utilized RIM smartphones preferred the alternative messaging apps. But all that is – probably – about to change.

The rebirth of the BBM in Blackberry 10

As previously mentioned, in addition to the “flow” feature, the Blackberry Messenger will constitute RIM’s ace in the hole for the BB10 launch. The BBM will aggregate the standard features you can expect from a communication app, but RIM has gone the extra mile to provide a few special additions. First of all, the BBM enables users to engage in video chatting, providing they both have BB10 mobile devices. But, as you probably know, that’s pretty standard for this category of apps across the map.

However, the BBM will be the very first application of its kind that also permits screen sharing during the video chatting session. From a businessman’s point of view, that is actually pretty great because it simplifies communication a great deal. The screen sharing may also have a practical utility for the general public, but aside from helping a fellow Blackberry enthusiasts set up his phone nothing springs to mind. It is also important to note that the BBM is developed exclusively for the Blackberry at this point and RIM has no intention to create an alternative for Android or Apple OSs.

Overall, the Blackberry Messenger seems a consistent and comprehensive app with a plethora of useful features in its inventory. Will it be enough to spark the interest of the customers though? Who can tell, with mobile communications playing such a major role in our lives at this point and with the aid of the “flow” system, the BB10 may just be the lucky break that RIM desperately needs.

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by MDudra

Overview of EasyBartender

Before you think that this is an app only relevant to members of Alcoholics R Us, it is important to note that this app contains recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. With literally thousands of choices and detailed recipes available (14,000 at last count) this app will very quickly make you Bartender of the Year in your social circle. Delving into every detail from the recipe to the method of creation, garnishing and type of glass to use, using this app can very quickly make you the toast of the town.


The creator of this app, Adorno, is also the provider of a wide range of apps and games that are available for smartphone devices. Other apps include TextPisc and The Moron Test as well as UnitConverter and EasyTip. These are some of the 11 apps that Adorno has to its credit. While no information is available about the people behind the organization, the focus of its apps is generally on productivity, lifestyle and entertainment. The apps created cater to both the children and adult markets with even apps like Sexy Bikini Ladies available as well. They also create a variety of high definition themes that can be used as screen savers and backgrounds on the mobile devices. With more than 58 various themes available, it is clear that Adorno takes the provision of apps as its key business.


For Blackberry users, the interface is simple. Just using the trackball or trackpad, it is possible to open the Menu and using the keyboard or a touchscreen to navigate within EasyBartender to search for the cocktail of your choice. You can do this either by name, by the specific type or brand of alcohol you intend to try or by method of preparation. The recipe for the specific drink will specify the beverages and garnishing required as well as provide advice on the types of glassware that are appropriate to serve the drink. The recipes are generally provided in detail and provide easy to follow instructions for preparation.

A quick look at the main features of EasyBartender

  • More than 14,000 recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Full descriptions of ingredients and methods of preparation
  • Alphabetical arrangement
  • Fully mobile application with no need for internet access
  • Easy to search function with searches conducted using name of item, main beverage or ingredient and even method of preparation
  • Unlimited free updates to the app

Pros of EasyBartender

While EasyBartender is a useful app to have if you are a night bird or enjoy a well made cocktail every now and then, you will need to back this up by ensuring that your beverage cupboard and fridge is full of the required ingredients. A huge lesson in what is actually available out there in terms of cocktails, and other drinks, this app is a real eye opener. Simple to use and easy to read, recipes are pretty clear cut and don’t require a detailed knowledge of bartending to be successful. The focus of the non-alcoholic apps is on creation of a variety of cocktails as well as beverages that can be consumed at any occasion and suitable for summer parties and days at the beach as well.


There may be initial problems in downloading this app if you normally use the download manager to do this. If your phone also has active firewalls then this too may cause problems. To resolve any difficulties in this area, Adorno provides users with an FAQ and Guide on their site which will provide information on how to get around this. Also remember that this app must be purchased although a free trial version is available. When purchasing the app, it is important to register your purchase at the relevant site otherwise there is a risk that the app will cease operations after about 5 demo days, and you will have to register EasyBartender in order to re-activate it again.

In a nutshell

If you aim to be the perfect host or the knowledgeable bartender on every occasion, then this app may be something to seriously consider. While some may consider the $3.99 that you have to pay for the app as somewhat pricey, the fact is that if you were to purchase a book on bartending recipes, it would cost a whole lot more and be less portable than the one stored in your mobile phone. It is ideal that it is stored in your phone so that the next time you are at a party and want to help your host, you can offer to fix the drinks and become the life of the party to boot.

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Bubble Defense 2

by MDudra

Overview of Bubble Defense 2

Some say that games are useless and you’d better off doing something else in your spare time. People who think games are just a waste of time surely haven’t seen Bubble Defense 2! There are lots of games that you can buy and play on the BlackBerry platform but there are not many games as entertaining as Bubble Defense 2. Bubble Defense 2 is a tower defense game that will provide you countless of hours of entertainment by constantly engaging the enemy! It is a pretty challenging game and it will require the best of your efforts and abilities. Packed with features and many maps, Bubble Defense 2 is the game you don’t want to miss! Let’s have a closer look and analyze Bubble Defense 2 in this review.


Bubble Defense 2 is a tower defense game developed by Second Gear Games, a company that creates games for many platforms such as the BlackBerry, Android and the iPhone. The tower defense genre is a popular one and with their addictive game play, they have certainly made their solid contribution to this beloved genre. There is something very exciting about creating a lot of towers and then watching them as they destroy hundreds of creeps, isn’t it? New types of towers and enemies were designed by Second Gear Games for Bubble Defense 2 in order to appeal to both novice as well as veteran gamers. Other games developed by Second Gear Games include: Tropical Fish Shop, an incredibly addictive game, Word Collapse, Dragon Fire, Bubble Army, Archipelago and more. A much appreciated developer in the game industry, Second Gear Games which has a sound reputation in the industry makes exciting and interesting games possible. Let’s hope we see even more interesting releases from them in the near future.


Bubble Defense 2 boasts a simple and clean interface coupled with beautiful 2D graphics. In spite of this, don’t be fooled! Your senses, speed and reaction time will be grabbed along with your relationship status by this game. The way you position your towers and use the weapons and abilities at your disposal is easy due to the snappy and responsive controls. Overall, Bubble Defense 2 will capture your imagination with its simplicity. Keep in mind that it’s an easy to play yet hard to master game!

A quick look at the main features of Bubble Defense 2

  • 13 maps
  • All towers require energy to shoot
  • 7 tower types
  • Install and upgrade power towers to keep your defense working
  • Destroy hordes of evil bubbles with the flying towers
  • Entertaining and addictive

Pros of Bubble Defense 2

Bubble Defense 2 is a tower defense game that will keep you engaged for hours. You should engage your significant other in this madness too unless you want to soon find yourself in the proverbial “doghouse”, surrounded by a hard pillow and a cold meal. Having said that, don’t worry too much because you will still have Bubble Defense 2. And trust me; it is a very good game. I have played it for hours and simply can’t put the game down! The goal here is to build towers in order to protect yourself from the countless waves of merciless enemies. There are seven different tower types that will surely keep you invested for hours in coming up with different strategies and 13 maps! In addition, the power towers can be upgraded for a better overall defense. The flying towers are particularly fun and effective though. At least, I pretty much loved them myself. Bubble Defense 2 provides you with several difficulty levels to choose from. It becomes challenging as you must figure out what is the best position of your towers as well as using the best of your abilities and weapons. Make sure to try the “Insane” level! Just for fun! On the whole, Bubble Defense 2 is a very accomplished game that proves that strategic game play is more fun than senseless shooting games.


The game has a slightly annoying problem that comes up once in a while. The fact that it sometimes freezes up and forces you back a few levels is disappointing. In spite of this minor annoyance that only some users are experiencing, Bubble Defense 2 is a game that you shouldn’t miss!

In a nutshell

All in all, Bubble Defense 2 is a worthy game to check out if you fancy putting your wits to good use. It packs quite a few maps, features and some difficulty levels that will certainly leave your head scratching. Moreover, the game is completely ad-free so you have no excuse not to give it a go. You will be glad that you did!

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